Student Testimonials

At the Theodorou Academy, our goal is to create an environment that gives each individual the opportunity to pursue and achieve a greater level of personal success and freedom. 

Our instructors are trained professionals that strive to make each class more rewarding than the last. Our hands on instruction and small group classes ensure you will get the personal attention you deserve! Gyms offering a “self-defense” class and other multi-style schools can’t offer the service and quality of our training.


"Jiu Jitsu has been one of the most important things I've ever done for myself! I only wish I had joined sooner. I am more confident, in shape and know so much more about myself than ever before. If you want to feel great and challenge yourself in a friendly environment, you need this class!" - Angela M, Blue Belt

"I have nothing but praise about this school. One of the most exceptional things about the program is the head Sensei's ability to incorporate real situations and scenarios into traditional and modernized forms of jiu-jitsu as well as rarely ever having the same "topic of the night" twice. Each class is crafted to not only hone one's skills, but to introduce new and unexpected tools to your self-defense repertoire." - Filmon H, 1st Degree Black Belt

"I have trained in several sport styles over the years and learned more about practical self defense in the first six months at the Theodorou Academy than I did in over 6 years of training in different styles. There's plenty of black belt instructors helping and working out with beginners and more advanced students. Try an intro class, you won't regret it!" - Paul F, 1st Degree Black Belt

"For anyone looking to get better at defending himself or herself, this is the place. This school teaches practical self-defense...The techniques are designed for use in real-life scenarios, and are highly effective...Whether you're a new student looking for experience, or a veteran trying to sharpen your skills, there's something here for everyone." - Anthony A, Brown Belt

"This is a great school!!! Many people laugh when they hear that I train in a martial art. For most people martial arts training is considered a joke. And for the most part they are right when it comes to defending yourself on the street. Many arts are purely demonstrative. Many are sport oriented. Neither one have anything to do with the realities of defending yourself on the street against a drunkard, a mugger, or an attacker. I've trained in several martial arts and this is the first school I've trained in that addresses these scenarios in a realistic and practical manner. The instruction is excellent and the art is proven. But you won't just learn to defend yourself you will develop your mind and body as well. I highly recommend it." - Vlad M, 1st degree black belt

"Looking for a fun way to exercise, I joined Theodorou Academy on a whim. Little did I realize, what started as merely exercise turned into an activity that increased my self confidence and overall well being. Since joining Theodorou Academy, I find that I have more energy, and my once hectic life seems a little more peaceful. Sensei Nick and the other instructors are amazing athletes and teachers. They do all they can to create an environment that makes learning self-defense both rewarding and fun." - Jenny S, Yellow Belt

"Training at the Theodorou Academy of Jiu Jitsu has been much more than learning about martial arts. I have gained a much better understanding about my strengths, weaknesses and ability to defend myself and loved ones. The training is very diverse, I learn about Judo throws, wrist-locks, arm-bars, Aikido and the always reliable strikes consisting of hands, elbows and knees. Regardless of what topic I am training at the academy all techniques are practical and very, very effective… Along with learning about self-defense, I have met a lot of new people from instructors to students; some of which I am really good friends with off the training mat. Training in Jiu Jitsu at the Theodorou Academy has opened me up to much, much more than martial arts and for that I will always be very, very grateful!" - Mark S, 3rd Degree Black Belt

"Studying Jiu Jitsu at Theodorou Academy has easily been one of the best decisions of my life. I knew nothing of the martial arts at my intro lesson (which was free!) and 20 minutes later I had already learned some spectacular things. Beyond the self-defense aspect, I have gotten in shape by increasing strength, flexibility and balance, learned a lot about myself and how to be better, and made friends for life. There really is no downside to class. It is high-energy and a lot of fun - and it's an incredible confidence booster. I highly recommend coming in and checking out Theodorou Academy." - Megan K, Brown Belt

"A friend had been taking classes here for a year and invited me to a self-defense seminar. I was hooked. I have been taking classes for over 6 years. The instructors are terrific and the sensei is dynamic. Not only do you learn skills that can help you defend yourself, you get an excellent workout, and you gain more confidence in yourself. I have an inflexible work schedule, but I have been allowed to progress at my own pace. Respect and hardwork are pervasive attitudes at the school. There were few women when I started taking classes, but now there are many women in both the beginner and advanced levels. Doing Jiu-Jitsu gives me a break from the other responsibilities in my life. This break gives me more energy and enthusiasm for my work and family. The workout facility is great. I am one of the older students, but taking falls and throws on the gymnastics mat is no problem. Theodorou Academy offers the best people and best facility for training in martial arts." - Lisa K, Blue Belt

"This is the best martial arts school in Boston period. You not only learn practical and effective techniques for almost any situation but the mental training that comes with this school helps in every area of your life. I have been training here for 6 years. It is one of the few things I do in my day that you wish you had more time to do because the time flies by due to the fun you have while learning. I recommend this for everyone." - Francois E, 1st Degree Black Belt

"I trained in Shotokan Karate for 5 years, got a taste for various styles, and decided to get back into martial arts a few years ago. I joined Theodoru Academy because I was seeking a place that taught practical techniques for real self defense rather than tournament fighting, had good camaraderie among the students, and that had instructors that checked their ego at the door. The schedule is very practical for those of us that work and that need to balance family, work, and personal time. I look forward to each workout as the provide a balanced mix of stretching, solid aerobics, learning 1-2 new techniques that cut across all belt levels, and a bit of free time to work on what you want to. No two classes are the same and you learn something new every time. The instructors are the best I've ever seen and they always teach with a smile. It's amazing what 2-3 hours of training per week will do for your self confidence, getting back into shape, and meeting new friends." - Cyril L, Brown Belt

"I have trained in several sport styles over the years and learned more about practical self defense in the first six months at the Theodorou Academy than I did in over 6 years of training in different styles. There's plenty of black belt instructors helping and working out with beginners and more advanced students. Try an intro class, you won't regret it!" - Paul F, 1st Degree Black Belt

"The instructor to student ratio is great for a martial arts program. At first it can be overwhelming just like anything that is new or unfamiliar, but since there are so many other students at various levels, you'll always be assisted, encouraged and supported. However, nothing is given to you on a platter at this school – you have to earn it." - Andrew B, Blue Belt

"I didn't realize that Jiu Jitsu was as much of a science as it is an art, but I'm learning that it is." - Tom D, Blue Belt